Diversity Inclusion


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ENCOMPASS provides diversity-inclusion training, coaching, and consultation to assist workforces and workplaces in maximizing and leveraging all aspects of diversity

ENCOMPASS promotes diversity-inclusion as the intentional, mindful, and purposeful arranging and configuring of decision-making, opportunities, interactions,  communication and information in the best interest of optimal service and business outcomes for all.

For example,

  • DIVERSITY is the intersection of our similarities and differences; individually, interpersonally, and organizationally.  Sometimes these flow smoothly through their intersections. Sometimes they clash and crash.
  •  INCLUSION is the intentional, mindful, and purposeful placement of traffic aides (signs, lights, speed limits, law enforcement etc.) to optimally manage the passage of humanity through the super highway of work and life.

Some responses to past Diversity-Inclusion events:

-“Should be a required session for all employees such as other required trainings. It was fun and interactive. I appreciated how she kept the entire group engaged and participating without embarrassing them. Thanks!”

-“Thought it was a great way to get communication going

  -“I always thought white was just normal.”

 -“After many years at this company and many seminars, I think this is what we need to see that we don’t work like a company should to be as great as we want to be. Thank You!”

-“The content supported what we see in our business”

-“This training made me really think about how I can take some of this back to my job and put it into practice.”

 Diversity-Inclusion Facts and Conclusions

  • In 2005, 84% of employers and 87% of workers said diversity-inclusion policies had a positive impact on the bottom line of business; In 2011, 46% of employers and 55% of workers said policies had a strong or modest impact.
  • In 2011, the largest third of companies, 71% reported positive impact.
  • There have been some declines in positive ratings since 2005 due to economic distress
  • Workers, generally, have more positive views than employers
Workplace Diversity in Mid-Michigan: Survey of Employers and Workers, Public Policy Associates, Lansing, MI, August 25, 2011