ENCOMPASS Services for:  HR Managers & Supervisors

ENCOMPASS provides specific services designed to meet the needs of today’s HR managers and company leadership.  On-Line and web-based training modules are available for your convenience and desired pace.  Additionally, consult with our team of experienced professionals is available to help create timely and tailored responses to challenging situations.

On-Line.  On Call.  On Site.  ENCOMPASS is here for you!

If you wish, ENCOMPASS also has Train-the-Trainer guides to conduct this orientation on site and/or through your own company leadership.

Supervisors – For Your Convenience, please download this Word doc:  Supervisory Referral Info & ROI
Employee On-Site Orientation Sessions ENCOMPASS Employee Orientation is also available on-line to assist employees to understand the ENCOMPASS benefit and how to access our services.Additionally, if you would like for employees to receive a certificate that they have watched this, certificates are available through our On-Line process as well.  ENCOMPASS also provides Employee Orientation training on-site.  To arrange an On-Site training contact ENCOMPASS to request services.Consultation Services – ENCOMPASS Employee Assistance Professionals are available 24/7 to consult with Human Resource professionals and management team members about situations that impact your workplace.  Issues such as absenteeism, productivity, co-worker conflicts, or other workplace behavioral problems may occur in complicated ways that challenge the most experienced manager.  Call ENCOMPASS any time:  800-788-8630.Strategic Communication Promotions Plan and Reporting – ENCOMPASS wants your company to derive optimal use of our services. A strategic communication and promotional plan will assist you to get the most from the ENCOMPASS array of services. By implementing promotional materials for your company, and providing specific training that meet the unique needs of your company, ENCOMPASS assists you to convey our services optimally.

A Word about ENCOMPASS and ROI:
As businesses continue to shrink expenses, ENCOMPASS is more committed than ever to demonstrate ROI.

We measure our effectiveness and worth via utilization reports, quality improvement and customer feedback and these are certainly meaningful.  ENCOMPASS may assist you to greater quantify the value of our services through a more tangible connection to organizational issues such as:  absenteeism, turnover, worker’s comp claims, litigation, prevention of workplace violence or harassment and other similar risks.

To find out more about your company’s ROI and the ENCOMPASS benefit: Call (800) 788-8630 or use our contact form!

ENCOMPASS e-mails are opened Monday through Friday between the hours of 8:30 to 5:00 EST.    E-mails are not checked on major holidays or weekends.  E-mail correspondence via the Internet may not be the most secure or confidential way to communicate with us.  If security is a concern for you please call instead of using Internet e-mail.